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Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica Yoga Retreats


Mystica is proud to host many beautiful and powerful Retreats in the heart of Costa Rica. Overlooking the majestic Arenal Lake and Volcano, Mystica is located in the midst of a vortex of energy that deeply supports personal growth, transformation, and inspiration. All of our Retreats are customized based on leaders’ preferences, often combining Yoga and Transformation with adventure and enjoyment of the luscious beauty of Mother Nature through waterfalls, hot springs, and much more.

One of Mystica’s jewels is ‘La Esencia’, our Yoga Sanctuary nestled in the forest by a flowing river. Our spacious, covered, wooden platform embraced by the forest provides an unforgettable, natural ambience for Yoga and meditation practice, and offers an ideal space for pure relaxation. We also have a refreshing dipping pool made of river stones with a waterfall, a detoxifying infrared sauna, a tree-top wellness space for Massage and Reiki, and a special Mystic Star Labyrinth for walking meditation. 

Take sacred time away from the busy-ness of everyday life to relax, restore, and rejuvenate yourself in one of our wonderful retreats. We look forward to sharing the Beauty and Magic of Mystica and Costa Rica with you! 


FEBRUARY 7-14, 2020
Leader: Lori Myles-Carullo

Join Reiki Master and Professional Yoga Teacher & Trainer Lori Myles-Carullo for a week-long transformational journey through Yoga and Energy Healing. Bask in the tremendous power and beauty of the heart of Costa Rica at Mystica Lodge & Retreats as you dive deep into bringing greater awareness, activation, and awakening to your body, heart, mind, and soul.Throughout the week, you will be guided in various Yoga classes and workshops focusing on ‘Transformational Yoga Energetics’ – grounding, centering, and energizing through Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises), Asana (physical Postures), Vinyasa (sequenced flow), Kriya (purifying actions), and Deep Relaxation. The Yoga practices are based on a combination of elements from the Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin traditions.

During this week-long retreat, you will also be blessed with a Cathartic Breathing and Healing Sound Journey, along with a workshop based on the essential principles and practices of A Course in Miracles. We will adventure to the Ecotermales Hot Springs at the base of the majestic Arenal Volcano, enjoy the Oceanic energy of the Pacific Coast for a beach day at Playa Hermosa, and celebrate life and love and great energy on a Sunset Catamaran Cruise on Lake Arenal. It is going to be an incredibly healing, inspiring, and rejuvenating retreat week, focusing powerfully on ENERGY and HEALING.

Find out more and register for the Miracle of Love Retreat here.

FEBRUARY 15-22, 2020
Leaders: Lauren Racanelli & Kaylan Pietrogallo

Experience the MAGIC of COSTA RICA. Embark on a week of Relaxation, (Self) Exploration & PURA VIDA. Awaken each morning and enjoy Mystica’s La Esencia Yoga Sanctuary in the HEART of the JUNGLE. Surrounded by the sounds of the River & Wildlife where Kaylan and Lauren will host daily yoga, meditation and sound healing. Spend your free time exploring the beautiful grounds, reading in a hammock, gazing at the Arenal Volcano, soaking in the dipping pool, journaling, recharging…

We will travel to a Local Chocolate and Coffee Farm, Visit the Stunning Costa Rican Coast for a day at the Beach and journey to the Healing Waters of the Volcanic Hot Springs. It’s the perfect end to a long winter to warm your heart and AWAKEN YOUR SOUL. This Yoga Retreat is all planned for you so you can leave the stress and worry behind. Three delicious meals per day, transportation to and from the Liberia Airport, excursions and a week full of BLISS (SAMADHI).


Awaken Your Soul Yoga Retreat

FEBRUARY 23-28, 2020
Leaders: Karen Kofman & Salima Pirani

Return to nature and purify yourself from the inside out. The traditional saying in Costa Rica is PURA VIDA, or PURE LIFE in English. Look deeper and you’ll find it’s more than a saying… it’s a whole way of life. You’ll find beauty, simplicity, rest, feel refreshed and apply simple, powerful practices to nourish and purify your mind, body and heart. With daily yoga, wellness workshops, meditation and healthy, organic meals in a deeply wholesome, loving and natural setting with us. Come live PURA VIDA, come live PURE LIFE with us.

What awaits you: relish in 6 days / 5 nights of self-nourishment, self-love & self-care to reset & invigorate your wellbeing; nourish your body with fresh, organic food and tropical delights; partake in yoga, wellness workshops & meditation practices in Mystica’s Yoga Sanctuary; relax into healing waters with a day trip to the stunning EcoTermales Hot Springs; awaken your senses with a refreshing jungle hike & day visit to the magnificent Viento Fresco Waterfalls; develop a daily rhythm of powerful healing habits & practices, to purify your body, mind & heart; experience the healing effects of resting in nature in one of Mystica’s jungle hammocks; unwind with walking meditations in Mystica’s Meditation Labyrinth; adopt a restorative and nurturing yoga and healing practice that you can continue at home; discover daily wellness practices to experience deep release & welcome profound healing; cool off in Mystica’s stunning stone Waterfall Dipping Pool; and more.

Leader: Melissa Dabilis

Pura Vida: it’s more than just a saying, it’s a way of life! Join leader Melissa Dabilis at the eco-friendly Mystica Lodge, overlooking majestic Lake Arenal located at the base of Arenal Volcano in the northern highlands of Costa Rica for a week-long retreat adventure! You will enjoy a special 1⁄2 day ‘Miracle of Love’ workshop led by Lori Myles-Carullo based on the essential principles and practices of A Course in Miracles, Kripalu and Kundalini Yoga, a journey to the Hot Springs with a Picnic Lunch, local live entertainment, Sunset Dinner by the lake at Tinajas Restaurant, a beautiful Sunset Cruise around Lake Arenal on the Toucan Catamaran, a ‘Zentangle’ experience with Lynne Noseworthy, hiking, dipping pool, opportunities for massage and infrared sauna, and time to reflect and renew.

Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries in the world. No worries, no fuss, no stress. ‘Pura Vida’. Be thankful for what we have. Please contact Missy at for all-inclusive pricing and availability, and to save your spot in this wonderful Costa Rican Retreat.

MARCH 8-14, 2020
Leader: Kristyn McGeehan

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. When we take the time to step outside of our daily routine and immerse ourselves in another world, we learn, grow, and awaken to a deeper appreciation of our lives. Immerse yourself in paradise and see what is revealed!

Join us for a week long journey into the jungles of Costa Rica. The Mystica Lodge & Retreat is an oasis in the heart of the country, overlooking Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano. Join us for daily power and gentle yoga classes and take advantage of the full spa amenities on site. The package includes excursions to hanging bridges, waterfalls, hot springs, and a day to explore the local area with a knowledgeable guide. We’ll cap everything off with a sunset catamaran cruise on Lake Arenal! Bring your appetite, Mystica boasts an incredible variety of food, from typical Costa Rican meals to traditional Italian pizzas made in their wood burning brick oven.

Find out more and register here: Embrace Adventure in Costa Rica

MARCH 14-28, 2020
Leaders: Duane & Catherine O’Kane

Discover your purpose at this transformative 2-week mind, body, and soul boot camp! The Rude Awakening is an exciting, transformative two-week leadership experience with people from all around the world. We are constantly teaching those around us what we believe about ourselves,

others, and the world. More often than not, we complain about not ‘getting’ the results that we want. However, life organizes itself around what we put into it. Taking responsibility for our own experience and the impact you have on others is empowering. Who you are and what you naturally extend to others will come back to you and determine how you feel.

This workshop provides a rare opportunity to address lifelong issues, come out the other side, and leave with greater vitality, committed to a concrete year plan. Friendships formed at the Rude Awakening are lifelong. The Rude Awakening is a two week residential workshop, and requires the Awakening as prerequisite. The Rude Awakening proceeds at a different pace than our typical weekend workshops, allowing for more integration time.

MARCH 29 – APRIL 3, 2020
Leaders: Adriana Bellerose & Nancy Zane

As a high-level leader in your field, your relationships are built on a solid foundation of authenticity and ethics. Join Adriana Bellerose of Adriana Bellerose & Associates and Nancy Zane of North Star Adventures as they partner to lead a 5-day, women-only leadership retreat that provides opportunities to grow, learn, and experience a higher level of your personal leadership awareness. All this amid the beauty of Costa Rica, at the magical Mystica Resort. Here you will combine the in-depth knowledge you gain from taking the comprehensive Personal Directions® inventory, with Outdoor Adventures that complement your new goals and reinforce your skills and strength, and the freedom and space that Mystica Resort provides, to dig deep into your personal leadership values, beliefs, motivations, and talents.

The Personal Directions® process measures 17 key motivational directions, 18 life architecture and 11 quality of life variables. Guided by Adriana, learn what motivates you internally, where you are spending your time and energy, and how you feel about the world you have created. From there, Nancy will guide you through a series of outdoor adventures, designed to reinforce your new leadership goals, while building your confidence and sharpening your perspective. Adriana and Nancy ensure that your leadership journey continues once you leave Mystica with four 1-hour executive coaching sessions or one 4-hour adventure-based team building session. You will walk through LEADERSHIP RISING and leave with:

● A profound sense of self-awareness
● A genuine presence in your career and life
● Clarity of your personal leadership style
● Greater leadership modeling for your successors

Visit for more information and to begin your journey to your most authentic and highest leadership self.

APRIL 5-10, 2020
Write for Transformation in Yourself and Your Community
Leader: Amy R Brooks

When women gather together, healing happens. Join Amy R Brooks, author and book coach, as she and a circle of other women create a sacred space in the mountains of Costa Rica to explore writing as a source of transformation. We will partner with silent mornings, labyrinth walks, meditation, massage, bodies of water, and guided writing workshops to release what is holding you back and welcome what is patiently waiting to serve you.

Our time together will also include an opening day at the beach with overnight accommodations at a local hotel, transportation to Mystica Lodge, daily yoga with healer Lori Myles-Carullo, group and individual activities, and locally sourced food. Mid-week we will hike to several waterfalls to rejuvenate ourselves and then dine at a local restaurant. In every moment, will use both nature and writing to guide our journey. You will also be able to find respite in the onsite wading pool, on various walking paths, the rainforest river, an infrared sauna, nearby Ceiba tree, and the majestic Lake Arenal. Our time together will close with a Full Moon Celebration that will support you as you integrate all of the healing you receive.

Please contact Amy at to register for this magical experience. For more information, visit:

APRIL 25-MAY 2, 2020
Costa Rica Yoga Retreat and Vacation
Leader: Christy Sperrazza

Let the magical energy of Costa Rica and the spirit of Kripalu Yoga awaken you to higher vibrations within your mind, body, and heart. Book your room now for this restful and beautiful adventure where you’ll be invited to breathe deeply, move mindfully, and enjoy fully each sacred moment. This is a no-stress retreat where you can choose to participate in any of the wonderful

activities offered on the gorgeous grounds of Mystica and surrounding towns, or simply spend quiet, reflective time on your own. This retreat is the perfect balance between connecting with others and reconnecting with yourself. You will return home rejuvenated with a new relationship to your body, mind, spirit, and heart.

This extraordinary retreat will be facilitated by Christy Sperrazza of Yoga with Christy, LLC,, all the way from New Hampshire! Christy completed her 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 1999. She also participated in a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Espanola, New Mexico in 2009. Christy is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a private practice where she shares the therapeutic use of yoga and other healing modalities. Email her at for more information on therapy, retreats, or yoga classes.