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Arenal Volcano

The volcano is the principal attraction of the Arenal region of Costa Rica, fascinating because of its constant activity. It can be easily reached within approximately one hour drive from Mystica. The road to the volcano runs along the side of the lake for 44 kilometers of great beauty. An unforgettable view of the Arenal Volcano, crowned by soft, green hills and accentuated by the reflection of the lake, can be seen from Mystica. On clear nights, you can even see the red lava flowing. Before 1968, the volcano was considered a mountain. However, in July of that year, the volcanic activity began with an explosion, opening three craters and attracting more and more visitors to the area.

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Hot Springs

On the slopes of the volcano you will find the Hot Springs. Here you can dip into the warm waters of the river that runs through the lush surrounding vegetation. There are various places to enter the Hot Springs, and we recommend Eco-Thermales. This particular location requires reservations in advance because they ensure that the pools aren’t overcrowded in order to give guests an optimal experience. Eco Thermales is a luscious place in which to relax, melt away stresses, and come out feeling brand new. A perfect addition to any Yoga Retreat.

Rio Celeste

Part of the protected area of the Volcano Tenorio National Park, this corner of paradise can be reached from Mystica in a 90 minute drive. The characteristic of this river is its beautiful turquoise water. Absorbed in the uncontaminated jungle you can discover the spot where the transparent water turns light blue. Walking along the forest path, you will reach the breath-taking magnificent blue waterfall. Continuing to hike along the trail, you will also discover natural bubbling hot springs and a beautiful wooden deck with a panoramic view of the thick, Tenorio jungle. If you want to spend a night close to Rio Celeste, we highly recommend La Carolina Lodge.

Canopy Tour

At La Fortuna, you can experience the thrill of this exciting activity. Small wooden platforms placed on top of the tall centennial trees are used as launching pads for the ride. On a strong steel cable that is strung between the platforms and with the help of a mountain climber’s harness, you will be able to fly over the canopy of the rich forest. This adventure is the most immediate way of coming into contact with the typical flora and fauna of the pluvial forest.

Viento Fresco Waterfalls

At only 30 minutes from Mystica you will find the Viento Fresco waterfalls. This private property has 4 beautiful waterfalls you can reach as you hike through a designated trail. This walking tour will take you approximately 3 hours, depending on how much time you spend bathing at the waterfalls’ pools. The owner is also happy to give you the option to visit the property by horseback.

Tenorio River Float Trip

This classic float trip is perfect for any client, especially birdwatchers and nature lovers. The scenery and wildlife along the Tenorio River are legendary. As you leisurely float along this tranquil river, you might spot one of the more than 300 species of birds from the nearby Palo Verde National Park. Among the more commonly seen birds are ospreys, kingfishers, cormorants, and blue, tiger, and boat-billed herons. Other wildlife in the area includes otters, howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles, and many other types of lizards.

This is the calmest floating trip in Costa Rica, suitable for everyone from children to the elderly.

Hanging Bridges

This tour is a fun and educative way to know better our natural environment, since contact with nature during the trail is amazing. The paths have a design adapted for the transit of all types of people and covers 3100 meters of length located inside the mountainous zone. On the 3 kilometers of the hike, you will be able to admire the great diversity of flora and fauna typical of the rain forest. The purpose of this tour is to offer you in a safe and sustainable way a small passage through the kindness of nature, designed to be cared for in future generations.

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Mountain Biking

The variety of tracks around Mystica will enable you to choose excursions with different levels of difficulty and distances. You will discover the beautiful glimpses of the lake and as you go into the woods you will have the chance of sighting the local animal species. The tracks have no road signs, however; you can choose to be accompanied by local bikers.

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Starting at the base of the Mystica property, we have marked a half-hour hike to a gigantic Ceiba tree. It is best to wear hiking shoes and to wear insect repellent as you walk through the forest and over hills until you reach this mythical tree. It is well worth the effort!

Our clients often love to explore the neighbourhood surrounding Mystica. Going through woods, fields and gates you can reach the top of the nearby hills from where you can appreciate the spectacular view or observe the movement of the windmills that decorate the horizon. Those wishing to reach the peaceful village of Sabalito can do so in a 15-minute walk.
For those wanting to go deeply into the local vegetation, a 15 minute car drive takes you to the Coter lake, a small lagoon surrounded by woods. Hiking routes ranging from a 20 minute to a 2 hour walk have been traced. A very peaceful and powerful setting where Indigenous Maleku Indians tribes still reside.

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Petro glyphs

Mystica can help you to organize a trip to the National Monument of Los Farallones, part of the cultural heritage of Costa Rica. These petro glyphs are realistic and abstract representations with social character, symbols of the Pre-Hispanic culture that lived in that site from the first year B.C. until 800 A.D. Thus they are an important frame of reference for interpreting the ancient history of Costa Rica. The dimensions of the engravings are from 20 meters wide and 7 meters in altitude and they are interpreted as being part of ritual and ceremony. To arrive there, you need to drive approximately 45 minutes from Mystica Lodge with a 4X4. The property is owned by the Lopez family, who will welcome you into their home and show you the petro glyph path. During this visit, you will see the marvellous world of this historic site, and it will also be an occasion to have a true Costa Rican experience by connecting with the Lopez family, seeing how they live and work. It is all part of the adventure.

Wind & Kite Surfing

Lake Arenal in Costa Rica offers some of the most consistent high wind sessions in the world, making it and ideal location for windsurfing and kitesurfing! Mystica is conveniently located near the main center for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Arenal, offering comfortable lodging in a relaxed, magical atmosphere, and truly delicious food.

You can drive directly to the launch site in under 5 minutes, or skip the drive and enjoy the walk. After a full day of super high wind, a leisurely dinner at Mystica with others and drinks around the communal fireplace is a great way to end the day.

Costa Rica’s Lake Arenal offers some of the best high wind (20knts +) sailing in the Western hemisphere during the winter months. From mid November through to April the Easterly flow from the Gulf of Mexico funnels through the mountains for maximum strength. If it is your only Winter trip, you can guarantee wind nearly every day. This is different than Baja or Maui. The wind here is very strong and can blow all day and night. It is exhilarating and you should be prepared for the extreme conditions since most of you will have had several months off before hitting the water. Blisters on the hands are common, so it is good to take the first day or two as a warm up and work your way into the high wind conditions the Arenal Lake is famous for.

The launch site has a superb setup for all the conditions you’ll see during your stay. All the sails are rigged and there are a wide range of board sizes to choose from. Kites and kitesurfing lessons are available to you as needed. A helpful and knowledgeable staff will assist you with your equipment from the time they walk it down to the lake edge to when they help put it back after your exhausting but satisfying sessions. You should bring your own harness and helmet for windsurfing. A shorty wetsuit will serve you well, and gloves are useful if your hands start to get worked. Other than that, it is really as simple as showing up and stepping on the water. At the site you will meet other windsurfers and kitesurfers who are sailing that week, and become part of the community. Many people stay for two weeks or more and often you’ll first meet them over the great Mystica breakfast!

For more information on windsurfing and kitesurfing at Lake Arsenal in Costa Rica please visit Tico Wind website:

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