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Healing in Costa Rica

Mystica offers an array of wellness and healing modalities – a perfect addition to Yoga Retreats, or to your vacation stay in our facilities. From a wonderfully relaxing Massage, to Energy Healing and Psychotherapy sessions, you will find an opportunity to rejuvenate, balance your energies and heal with the assistance of our highly trained, compassionate practitioners.

Our Healing Intention

To create and facilitate a space in the beauty and power of Nature to help people re-connect with their True Self – to find healing and harmony in all aspects of their being. Love is the Master Healer.

Tree-Top Healing

A brand new addition to the magical offerings at Mystica is our Tree-Top Healing Room overlooking the lush, green forest and gently flowing river. It was Francesco’s dream for many years to create a healing space at Mystica, and there was one very specific, strong beautiful tree that always felt perfect for hosting various healing modalities. Sessions in the ‘Tree of Life’ offer a unique, natural experience that facilitates and enhances treatments.

Wellness center at Mystica Costa Rica

Infrared Sauna

Mystica-2015-01 sauna

Healing Sessions


Treat yourself to deep relaxation and renewal through Energy Healing. Reiki is a powerful healing art that brings balance and harmony to body, mind, and soul.


Full body relaxation as muscles are soothed and tension is released through various somatic techniques bringing detoxification and renewal.


Be supported by a professional counsellor in exploring the rich dynamics of your mind/body/spirit. Liberate yourself from the obstacles standing in the way of your greatest happiness and peace.

Costa Rica Rainbow

Meditation Labyrinth

meditation labyrinth costa rica

A labyrinth, as opposed to a maze, is a single path geometry used for a focused meditation. Present as far back as 4,000 years ago, and in ancient cultures as different as Crete, Vikings, Hopi Indians, Sumatra and many more, the labyrinths have always been used for some sort of protection, access to higher energies, and personal growth.

Since the 1990’s, thanks to the research carried on by Dr. Herbert Benson at the Massachusetts General Hospital, focused meditation has gained prestige and respect. The results show that stress relief, the relaxation response, and other benefits such as concentration, creativity, fertility, and grief management are greatly enhanced by its practice.

Popular labyrinths are well known, but custom-made ones are rare. This unique, starfish-like Mystic Star Labyrinth was inspired by the geometrical character of labyrinths proposed by Ronald Esquivel in his Labyrinth Design book. We offer you a summary of the essential principles:

  • One center, implying that the whole experience aims at connecting to one’s center, to soul, to source.
  • Two partitions, evoking polarity, a condition of life in this terrestrial dimension, with the intent of transcending it and expanding into the resolution of that polarity.
  • Eight layers, which determine the extent of the experience, in this case renewal and expansion to higher self.
  • Five-sided rounded star, derived from the Golden mean stuffed pentagon and evoking life giving and regeneration energies.

Our Mystic Star Labyrinth, as a focused and intentional meditation, is to be a very inspiring experience. It will submerge you in the life giving energy, surmounting polarity and contrast in order to connect to your higher self, which will allow you to reach the sacred, eternal and Divine within.

The Mystica family wishes you a unique and uplifting experience.

meditation labyrinth costa rica

Our Staff Healing Practitioners

Francesco Carullo

Francesco is co-owner of Mystica. He became a registered Yoga teacher in 2004 after completing the 200-hour Teacher Training course with Don and Amba Stapleton in Nosara, Costa Rica. Francesco is a Reiki Master, a massage therapist, and also a practitioner of Pranassage, which is a yoga relaxation experience.

Lori Myles-Carullo

Lori practices integrative healing – combining her skills as a professional counsellor, Reiki master, Aromatherapy Health Practitioner, and Yoga instructor. She completed a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology in 2007, and is also an author in the field of health and well-being. Lori teaches Yoga at La Esencia (Mystica’s Yoga Sanctuary by the river) and offers Massage, Reiki, and Psychotherapy sessions in the Tree of Life (Mystica’s healing tree room).

Our services are available to enhance the healing experience of Yoga Retreats hosted at Mystica, as well as for our individual guests. Please inquire about schedules and details.